arthur_lee_landAmericana Electronica —this a genre I believe that Lyons resident, Arthur Lee Land created all for, and by, himself. He uses a technique called Live Looping which allows one person to create their own samples on the spot layering sounds, chords, instruments and vocals one or two at a time until it sounds like there’s a whole band up there. The technique isn’t new. Radiohead uses it, Beck uses it, I’ve even seen Dave Grisman use it. What IS new is the style of music he uses it with and the elements he combines.

His style is distinctly Americana heavy on the guitar and storytelling, but there are definite elements of electronica; largely beats and samples that could come from any dance music drawer of tricks. It sounds strange, but it works.

Seeing Arthur Lee Land up on stage mixing as he goes is really something else. Treat yourself to something that’s one of a kind at the Dickens Opera House.

– Misty Kaiser


Wed 03.05 :: Dickens Opera House, Longmont

Fri 03.28 :: CHUBurger, Longmont

[youtube id=”QnA7XdkqF04″ width=”600″ height=”350″]