Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of Augustus samples to be had out there, but I really want to hear more of this band. Frontman Colin Kelly, has a different sort of sound, that makes the well-worn, catch-everything-with-a-banjo, Americana style, interesting to listen to. Good artists own that difference. Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder— these people exploit their imperfect sound, that occasionally borders on out of tune, to their success. Kelly could do the same.

Backed by a cello, sparse percussion, guitar and yes… a banjo, this is roots music that actually sticks to its roots. I would expect to hear them at Folks Festival or something similar, but for now, they’re moving around the coffee shop/small venue circuit. 

They just played The Dickens Opera House, so hopefully some of you caught them, but if not, they are always adding dates, so keep an eye out.

– Misty Kaiser