You know that woman, (and we all do); the one who it seems was born a fashion-ista.  From workout attire to the office to happy hour or the casual Sunday, she always nails it.  What is it exactly that makes her cutting-edge and more fashionable than most?  Perhaps she’s more naturally creative or she lives and breathes fashion?  But for argument sake, let’s just say that she has two key components ironed out: She learned how to dress for her body, accentuating her best physical features, and knows how to successfully translate trends from runway to reality.

Let’s face it; every woman knows feeling put together can make all the difference in her attitude.  And whether we like to admit it or not, feeling “of the moment” and fashionable is a major factor, too.  But knowing how to bring it all together for flawless fashion moments time and again can sometimes feel intimidating and overwhelming.  With some trends, just knowing where to start can be the hardest part.

Fortunately, the latest color-blocking trend is surprisingly easy to decode, allowing any woman to “nail it” for seasons to come, just like that fashion-ista friend.  Color-blocking is simply pairing complementary colors and pieces in blocks or color.  It’s pairing a vibrant, solid-colored top with a complementary, solid-colored bottom, tied together with additional pops of color from accessories. Rebecca Effinger, assistant store manager at Dillard’s in Longmont, says this trend is actually not at all intimidating, being that you can use the clothing you already own, making it an everlasting trend from season to season.  “Color-blocking is really a separates trend that works for every shape and size,” she says.

The current color-blocking trend is all about mixing complementary bright colors and hues or pastels in blocks of color.  “So, you can wear a vibrant blue top, pink pants and yellow or orange shoes.  It’s actually really 80s,” Effinger says.  “As long as it’s the same hue, as in bright colors or pastels, they’ll always go together.” Like most trends, what’s hot now is likely to fade in time.  However, color-blocking could be here to stay.  Whether it’s the current brightly colored clothes or pastel-colored denim pants, pairing different separates can update the age-old trend from season to season.  “You can always mix earthy, neutral tones for later seasons to make the trend versatile,” Effinger says.

She also says fashion can be accessible for any woman.  To be fashionable even on a budget, women don’t have to go on a shopping spree every time there’s a new trend.  “Go into your closet and figure out what pieces you need to supplement the trend.  Most people have fun-colored tops, but you can easily find bright colored pants that are inexpensive, especially when they’re so popular right now,” Effinger says.

The best advice for any trend: Fit comes first.  Effinger says color-blocking, like any trend, is OK for every woman, any size or shape.  Placing emphasis on the best assets and drawing attention away from others is key.  “Work with your body.  If you want to draw attention to your top, wear bright colors on top.  For the pear shaped-body, wear black bottoms to slim that area and bring the pop of color with bright shoes,” she says.  “Basically, wherever you don’t want to draw attention, wear black or darker colors, and where you do, wear the brighter colors.”