Garden In A Box kits are a hit.

The Center for ReSource Conservation (CRC), a Front Range community conservation nonprofit, is now offering its professionally designed, low water use garden kits. Garden In A Box provides an alternative to high maintenance and high water use lawns with low water use, or Xeric gardens.

Five water-wise gardens, designed for various sun and shade landscape conditions and simple irrigation systems are available. The gardens feature at least one plant by number layout, with between 14 and 28 plants each, as well as a detailed Plant and Care Guide. These simple Xeric garden kits require far less water and maintenance than turf and promote a healthy ecosystem in landscapes.

Neonicotinoid-free plants

For the first time, CRC is offering neonicotinoid-free Xeric plants in Garden In A Box. An increasing number of studies have shown that neonicotinoids have harmful effects on bee populations, and CRC has intentionally chosen to offer plants that have not been treated with these chemicals.

Beautiful impact

garden3Garden In A Box landscapes make a sustainable impact. In 2014, Garden In A Box sold nearly 2,000 gardens, converting over 172,000 square feet to Xeriscape. A community favorite, Garden In A Box is heralded for its impact and beauty: “The layout made it easy to plan my space…The plants were very healthy and the staff was very helpful and made it easy to pick up my plants,” states one happy customer.


Gardening is a family affair at the home of Stephanie Renfrow and her husband, Joe Collins. Stephanie does the planning, Joe does the watering and most of the other work, and Miles, age 4, likes to help wherever he can.

When they bought their house, Stephanie loved the idea of gardening but had no idea where to begin. As she tried to figure out what to plant in her garden, she found Garden In A Box online and thought, “These gardens are cohesively designed with plants that are pretty, and you just need to plop them into the ground. What a great way to start with gardening!”

Stephanie appreciates that with Garden In A Box you don’t need to know everything (or anything, for that matter) to be able to install your own stunningly beautiful xeriscape garden. Professional landscape designers select the unique variety and layout of the plants.

The gardens are very affordable, and there are options for very shaded areas as well as full sun. Stephanie also likes that the  plant selections are not invasive, and she has learned that, “The flowers give me permission to change; they don’t die when I move them.”  She was pleased by how beautiful the plants are and that they need very little care once established.

Another advantage Stephanie sees is that hardscapes lead to problems with runoff while the gardens will absorb water, preventing unnecessary runoff. She would, “love to see people doing rockscapes, do more mulching and giving more plants a chance to grow.”

garden2The maintenance has also been a piece of cake. Originally they hand-watered, but now they have a drip system. “We watered every two or three days at first and then almost never. And once they are established, we rarely need to weed.”

Next year Stephanie looks forward to filling in some other areas in her yard that are sparse and making them look prettier.

Get them before they’re gone

Garden prices run from $69 to $144, and cover 60 to 100 square feet of space.

Gardens are available for purchase online while they last at or by calling 303.999.3820 ext. 222.

– By Jean Lovell, Center for Resource Conservation