Sensational Summertime

Aren’t summers in Colorado amazing? We live in one of the most special areas in the entire country. I know I’m a little biased, but it’s true, right?

Between the climate, the scenery and the sheer amount of activity, there’s really no better place for getting outside for just about anything your heart desires. Hiking with the family, joining up with a fun themed 5K, heading out to any of the multitude of entertaining  events in the area or just grilling in the backyard with a few friends, all come to mind. I can’t wait for all of the above. In fact, I’m already marking up my calendar with reminders, skipping the 5Ks of course, mainly because I think they might kill me. But whatever you’re into, you can never plan too early and that’s where we come in.

With this summer edition, we’ve covered area events and ideas to keep you busy through those all too short golden months from June to September. You may have made the rounds to all the local breweries, but what about the distilleries? There are many new ways to sip and savor and even bring a little home to enjoy with you’re favorite grill recipe.

Speaking of grills, if you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor cooking experience or fire up your first grill, we have tips for both.

We’ll also talk about some different ways to get out on the water and four-legged friends you may not have yet considered spending time with. And because we all tend to drift a little further afield when the weather’s cooperative, we’re including a couple of points of interest that are worth driving for. So whether you literally stay right in your backyard, or fill your days packing in every memorable activity you can get to before the snow comes back, we’re sure to have something for you!

– Misty Kaiser