EgoLikenessLet me start by saying this is not going to be everyone’s cuppa. It’s goth and industrial in the vein of Nine Inch Nails, Lacuna Coil and Elysion, yet emerging different from all three. Ego Likeness leans away from the rock guitar and hooky chorus, relying more on synth with an almost German techno proficiency. Musically, it’s closest to NIN. I looked around to see how many women are fronting this level of industrial band, and it would appear, not many.

Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Elysion, The Birthday Massacre, there are quite a few women fronting the more pop-metal offerings, but front woman, Donna Lynch, holds her own among the more hardcore with zero pandering to the emotional or letting her vocals become secondary to the music. There is no softening of lyrics or music that is common among the others. That, at least in my admittedly limited experience, makes her standout.

While the music itself may or may not be what you’re into—check them out for yourself and see.


Dec 11- Dickens Opera House