Self-termed gypsy folk music, Esther Sparks puts together a picture of what it is to live and love in the working class in these vast United States. Nothing is too high-brow and she swaps any lofty idealism for realistic expectations. 

Esther has gone through several incarnations, as have most musicians just starting out, but her latest album, Back to Life, sees her paired with two other talented musicians on various instruments of Americana from banjo and cello to a steel slide. Somewhere between Natalie Merchant’s simple lyricism and the more intimate moments of the Indigo Girls, Esther carves out a little niche and settles comfortably in.

Still, it makes me think of something you might find in the tiny random West Texas bars you stumble into on a really good road trip. Fortunately, you won’t have to go that far. You can spend time with Esther Sparks at many local venues, so grab a whiskey and settle in for the night.

– Misty Kaiser

Sat 03.29 :: Bootstrap Brewing, Niwot

[youtube id=”CqPqEpF3mQA” width=”600″ height=”350″]