lpoFall, my favorite season, is here once again. As summer winds to a close, I find myself ready for cooler weather, sweaters and everything pumpkin. Fall gives us just enough time (sometimes) to get used to the idea of being covered with snow. I often find that time moves a little faster than my good intentions can follow.

Just as the renewal of spring is a perfect time for cleaning, organizing and refreshing, the quiet descent of autumn is the perfect time for getting your home ready for both cozy nights with family and festive nights with friends. 

We all know the beauty of a Colorado winter can still be a beast which is particularly hard on our hearth and home. Preparing for that reality now, rather than waiting until problems arise, can save much time and frustration in the cold months to come. 

In this edition we’ve tried to gather some of the improvements, both physical and technological, that homeowners might overlook. For example, now is the time to plant bulbs for early color in your garden come spring. But what should you plant for the best showing? 

Home automation is on the rise and something many homeowners are interested in. A little research can yield more questions than answers. Luckily, Longmont has resources that can get help in that department.

How much thought do you give your furnace before it comes on for the first time? Locating any potential problems now may prevent some cold nights in the busy season.

If you find yourself standing in front of your house wondering where to start, take a look at our list, break out the caulk gun, insulation and some elbow grease and get started now.

– Misty Kaiser