On January 1, 2010, Donna Wolff was tired of being Donna Wolff. She was overweight and unhealthy, so she set out to change.

“Each month I changed something,” she says. In January, Wolff started eating better, the next month she began exercising, eventually adding weights and doing workout DVDs at home. By October, she’d lost 75 pounds. Wolff began needing something to light a fire in terms of exercise, however, so after seeing the Twin Freaks CrossFit sign on the building at 1001 Delaware Ave. in Longmont, she tried a 12-session intro course. “The trainers were so well-trained and interested in who we were,” she says.

 During the intro course they focused on teaching Wolff the proper form and technique with basic CrossFit exercises. CrossFit has caught fire across the nation, with a niche of short, intense workout sessions focusing on using a combination of plyometrics, OIympicstyle weightlifting, rowing, sprinting, jumping rope and various body weight exercises. Workouts push participants to their limits and benefit strength, endurance and body shape all at once.

“It’s totally unique for me,” Wolff says. “It’s a totally new experience.” Wolff has lost an additional 18 pounds since starting CrossFit, and she has no plans of stopping. “It’s been really fun to see the change in my body,” she says.

Wolff looks at CrossFit as a form of medical insurance. For example, she recently slipped on her stairs and was falling, then she caught herself on the handrail and used her newfound strength to keep from falling. The money she invests in CrossFit is keeping her out of the doctor’s office, she says.

Jennifer Piggott has also found success at Twin Freaks CrossFit. She likes it for the variety it provides with different workouts.

“I feel like I’m always learning something new,” she says. “I have quit many workout regiments in the past because they become mundane, but there is so much variety in a crossfire workout that I can’t imagine getting bored.”

She also likes that CrossFit can be done by anyone. “The trainers do an amazing job of scaling each workout to meet the needs of any ability level,” she says.