Weddings are work, even if you get married on a mountain.  Photo by Cliff Grassmick.

Weddings are work, even if you get married on a mountain.
Photo by Cliff Grassmick.

Weddings are generally the biggest, most important  party you’ll ever have to plan. So much work goes into even the smallest of events. Couple that with the commitment of a lifetime and all of those involved can go from zero to screaming ball of stress in no time at all. The term ‘bridezilla’ didn’t just pop up out of a five-layer, fondant covered cake with a fresh orchid cascade in an antique lace veil all by itself. 

In an attempt to help Longmont brides keep the craziness to a minimum, we’ve assembled a collection of tips, ideas and advice from professionals in the industry. With the right amount of time and preparation, you can keep the focus on the most important thing; the beginning of a new life together.

My personal advice, having been there in the not too distant past, is;

1) Make your day say something about you as a couple. Pick a location that you really love, even if it’s a bit unorthodox. It will be one of the few days you will look back on for a lifetime, and the memories should stand out.

2) Prioritize your spending. Weddings can be insanely expensive. Agree ahead of time where you want to put your money and talk to the pros about ways to conserve. They are full of ideas you probably haven’t even entertained yet.

3) Don’t sweat the small stuff. Misplace the dishes for the reception? (That actually happened to me. Tears ensued.) Forget your ‘something blue?’ Don’t worry about it. It will come together and most likely, no one will notice the slip-up but you.

4) Find a place and a moment after the ceremony to be alone with your new spouse. You can get so caught up in the planning and execution that it’s really easy to forget exactly why you’re doing it all. Remind each other before the party is over.

– Misty Kaiser