Far too many female vocalists fall into that breathy, nasally-controlled zone of vocal comfort these days. Give me an alto with a real set of pipes any day. Carly Smith holds the vocals of the girls plus guitar duo, Foxfeather, in her lovely alto palm, releasing neither too much, nor too little. Harmonies and the aforementioned guitar are deftly handled by Laura Stratton.

I think it’s impossible for female duets like this not to draw comparisons to the Indigo Girls, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re considering going out for some live music and you want to know what to expect. It doesn’t encompass their style though. There’s a little more country and a little less folk-pop involved here.

Its style is simple — one guitar and two voices in great harmony make you feel like you’re hanging out on the back porch with some musically inclined friends. It also really focuses the music on the voices that carry it and that makes it unique.

– Misty Kaiser

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