A healthy workplace benefits both businesses and their employees. The Longmont Chamber of Commerce has embraced worksite wellness by participating in wellness programming from many sources.

As a non-profit, finding programs to promote healthy choices, active living and physical safety that don’t cost a bundle is a priority. The Chamber has taken advantage of several opportunities that they are passing along to many Longmont area businesses as well. Available programs include quarterly Healthy Hour learning sessions at the Chamber, LiveWell Longmont’s quarterly Worksite Wellness media program and Pinnacol Assurance’s Health Risk Management program.

Healthy3LiveWell Longmont

LiveWell Longmont is a health advocacy resource available online at livewelllongmont.org. They work with the community through government, schools and business to increase the overall health of citizens and empowering them to take control of their own wellness. LiveWell Longmont has been a great resource for the Chamber and many other area businesses.

Healthy Hours at the chamber

The Chamber partners with LiveWell Longmont to present the quarterly Healthy Hours. These presentations focus on helping businesses start and maintain their own worksite wellness programs. Featured speakers, roundtables and demonstrations give businesses ideas to promote wellness among their employees. By encouraging healthy eating and active living, the business can see the benefit of less sick days, happier employees and, for some, a reduction in health insurance costs.

Anyone with an interest is invited to attend these Healthy Hours. The next session will be held on December 3, from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at the Chamber building at 528 Main Street. The topic will be “Reducing Work-Life Conflict” focusing on reducing workplace stress by having flexibility in how, when and where people do their best work.

Worksite Wellness

Erika Wey, Worksite Wellness Strategist for LiveWell Longmont, has debuted a new “Media Package” promotion. The Chamber has taken full advantage of this free resource that gives businesses customizable media templates centered on healthy eating and active living. Also included are articles for use in newsletters and email blasts. For instance, a ready-made e-news article full of information and links to other great resources, comes straight to the business’ wellness coordinator who simply forwards it on to their staff.

Not only do these packages benefit employees, they can also be good for the community as a whole. Colorful posters on the latest community wellness event are emailed, ready for printing and hanging on the breakroom wall.

Healthy2The “Food Day Healthy Food Drive” benefiting the OUR Center was the latest community outreach effort. Chamber staff along with the Ambassador committee and other Chamber members participated in the food drive. Their collaborative efforts paid off when they were able to help the community by delivering 85 pounds of healthy food items to the OUR Center in October. 

The program also keeps members informed of other health related events in the area, such as health fairs, community meet-ups and walk/run events.

For those that are curious to see the ways in which the program would contribute to their health or that of their employees, visit the LiveWell Colorado website’s Healthy Workplaces page (livewellcolorado.org/healthy-workplaces) to view samples of tips and stories for employers and employees alike.

Pinnacol Assurance

Since 1996, the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Pinnacol Assurance to offer a workers’ compensation safety group program to its members. The program is designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting safety and efficient claims management practices in the workplace.

As part of Pinnacol’s commitment to keeping Colorado and its policyholders’ employees safe and healthy, Pinnacol launched a Health Risk Management (HRM) program that is provided to Pinnacol policyholders at no direct cost. The Chamber has taken advantage of this program by taking the annual health assessment, utilizing the free health coaching and forwarding informative handouts on to the staff.

The Chamber is excited to see so many businesses recognizing the benefits and importance of workplace wellness.  It’s great to live and work in Longmont, a city recognized for its mission – to become the healthiest community in the healthiest state!