Tgoldiehe laid back atmosphere one encounters when they step through the doors of Left Hand Brewing Company tasting room wouldn’t be complete without the well-known face of Josh “Goldie” Goldberg. Goldberg who now holds the title of Community and Events Manager started his career seven years ago behind the bar at Left Hand and seems to know just about everybody in there.

“This bar right here; is down to earth and friendly” he said fondly during the interview. “If you embrace Left Hand she will love you back.”

And Goldie is right. The atmosphere at Left Hand is chill, whether you find yourself relaxing on one of the two patios soaking up the beautiful summer rays or sitting on one of the bar stools talking to the locals. 

“What makes Left Hand special is our community and that spills over into Longmont,” Goldberg said.

Landing a job at this community meeting place fell into Goldberg’s lap. As a University of Colorado college student Goldberg found himself living in Longmont, which he commuted from to Boulder in the mornings for school and to Greeley in the evenings for his job as a Vet Tech. In between school and the swing shift at work, Goldberg would stop off at Left Hand and have a beer and relax. During one of these afternoons, Goldberg was asked if he wanted to work there as a bartender. “I was a beer geek,” Goldberg said. “I really loved beer and had that beer passion and that’s why I was sitting at Left Hand that day.”

beerGoldberg didn’t pass up the opportunity and not long after started his career at Left Hand as a bartender. He quickly became a part of the culture at Left Hand and a part of the Longmont community. “Being behind the bar, you really get to know the people, you talk about the issues.”  You could say that Goldberg became immersed into Longmont and decided he wanted to do more for the community he loved and lived in, which led him to a program called Leadership Longmont. Since taking the 10 week course Goldberg has found himself on public policy committees, helping out at Visit Longmont, as a Chamber board member and with a seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“I just want to be involved in our community,” Goldberg said. “Our influence (Left Hand Brewing) doesn’t just stop at the Brewery. We have a long term vision and Longmont is a big part of that.”

While Goldberg has gotten involved in many facets of Longmont, the growth at Left Hand has continued and along with that the events that Left Hand hosts throughout the year.  “We started small and then we realized it could be so much bigger,” Goldberg said of Left Hand’s first fundraising event, which was right after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. “You’ve taken the strength and power and decided to do the right thing, give back to the community.”

This year Goldberg says events include Leftapalooza, Oktoberfest, Hops & Handrails, Cultural Jam and hopefully later this year Nitro Fest.

“Longmont is rad, and people just don’t know it,” Goldberg said. “We have no less than five breweries, two distilleries, a food scene that is growing, and just some really down-to-earth, laid back, cool people.”

– By Summer McElley