Aaron Wise always knew he wanted to write a book and publish it, but he never thought it would be about zombies. “Interestingly I never expected to write a zombie story,” Wise says. “The idea came from a conversation with a friend and we just felt like the whole zombie thing had been done. I challenged him that I would come up with a zombie story that he would read and enjoy, and that’s when I started out to make Deadlocked.”

Deadlocked, a self-published novella that has been broken into four different parts, is focused around a zombie apocalypse and how a family battles through it for survival. The first Deadlocked, focuses on David, the husband of Laura and father of Kim and Annie. The story follows David as he battles to reach his family, who are at home on the outskirts of the city, and get them to safety. The story is well told and by the end you find yourself relating to David and his emotional and physical struggles.

Deadlocked 2 picks up immediately where the first Deadlocked story ends. This time though, the story is told through the eyes of Laura. The second Deadlocked novella offers readers a suspenseful, action-packed adventure and expands on the. character of Billy, a teenager who is introduced in the first novella. At first, I thought I related more to the second Deadlocked, because I am the mother of two kids, but Wise was quick to tell me he gets this reaction from many readers.

“Everyone says this, that they liked part one, but it was part two that really got them,” Wise says. “Delving into Laura and her personality, it was heart wrenching. I fell in love with Laura.” Wise, who often writes the endings to his story first, found himself changing the ending to Deadlocked 2 once he got there. “The ending was set, but when I got to the last paragraph I changed it,’ he says. “With this one the character (Laura) did take it out of my hands. I always heard this could happen, but had never experienced it until this book.”

Deadlocked 3, which will follow Billy in his adventures in the city, is currently available at Smashwords where the first two parts can be found. The fourth and final Deadlocked will be out by then end of March, Wise says.

In the end, Wise is glad he has made this venture into publishing and hopes others will do the same. “If you have a story you want to get out there, now is the time to do it,” Wise says.