pandas.peopleI feel like I review a weird amount of bluegrass and Americana, especially since it has its roots in the Appalachians. Maybe it’s just mountain music. That’s really when I listen to it the most; winding my way through the high country, looking down from mountain passes. It just feels like the soundtrack of the hills.

Many years back I spent a lot of summer weekends in a van with ten other sweaty unwashed people driving from festival to festival to see bands like this. But this is better. For starters, their songs are shorter than 15 minutes—bonus points.

Pandas & People may seem like an unlikely moniker for a good ol’ Americana hootenanny but they nail it. It’s hooky and danceable, and eternally upbeat. The vocals are spot on and the harmonies absolutely delightful. Lyrics may seem a little light and fluffy, but isn’t that what summer is all about?

Seriously now, if you like dancing like no one is watching under the open sky, don’t miss this FoCo band on the Main Stage at Windsor’s Front Range Wine Festival.

LIVE:  SAT AUG 22 :: Front Range Wine Festival, Main Park, Windsor

Listen here.