SAVVYThe major deciding factor in this edition’s choice of Colorado title was time. I didn’t have a lot of it. I thought the first in the Savvy series for junior readers would be the work of an afternoon. Little did I know it would be such an enjoyable afternoon. If you have young ones that maybe aren’t quite ready for Harry Potter, this is a fantastic stepping stone and just as magical.

Twelve-going-on-13 year-old Mibs (Mississippi) Beaumont is anxious about her rapidly approaching thirteen birthday party and with good reason. When the Beaumonts turn 13 secret, strange, and sometimes dangerous, things happen. At 13 each Beaumont child is granted a secret called Savvy, an X-men like talent that manifest differently for each individual.

But Mibs doesn’t get the same chance at privacy that her siblings, Rocket and Fish had. (Their names should give some clue as to the nature of their Savvy.) The week of her thirteenth birthday, her father is in a life threatening accident and when her mother and oldest brother leave the rest of the siblings under the care of their grandfather, things start to go a little haywire.

Savvy embraces that awkward turn into teenagedom complete with mean girls and first crushes, new friends, rebellion and the fear of being different, all played out in the microcosm of a big pink bus.

Reading this book, kids get to see that what makes us different, makes us special and grown-ups get to remember that. I don’t have a daughter, but if I ever do, this one is going on the family bookshelf. And since I did check this out at the library, I will definitely be going back to trade it in for the next in the Series, Scumble.

The language was fun and little bit country, the story is sweet and heartwarming and very real despite its dip into magic.

Author, Ingrid Law, lives just down the road in Lafayette, where she is working on the third in the series, Switch, tentatively set to release in the Summer of 2015.

– Misty Kaiser