scottvonbandw_000Another singer-songwriter outfit that brings to mind sunny summer afternoon beer (or lemonade) sitting and sipping. Scott Von is perfect suited for it, especially if you’re still recovering from the night before.

It’s rootsy and bluesy in the vein of John Hiatt and Van Morrison. Scott’s voice is earthy, but dirt not gravel  as in, say Tom Waits. Fortunately, the music he writes perfectly showcases that vocal style. It’s also a good thing he prefers his single guitar because a slathering of instrumentals would only cover that up.

He’s made the Colorado festival circuit so you may have seen him around before, but I highly recommend catching him locally this summer.

You’re probably not going to be dancing around pumping your fist in the air, but if you need a soundtrack for a firepit night, this is it.

– Misty Kaiser